According to the application of the organization, the National Accreditation Commission for China qualification assessment (CNAs) decided to cancel the basic accreditation system accreditation system qualification (approval registration No. cnasc101-m) of the management system of Beijing Zoomlion Tianrun Certification Center from June 11, 2019 according to the provisions of the rules for handling the accreditation qualification of certification institutions (cnas-rc02), including the certification field of quality management system (including engineering construction), and the environment Management system certification field and occupational health and safety management system certification field). After cancellation, the agency shall stop all publicity of CNAs accreditation qualification cited in the above certification field, and shall not carry out relevant certification activities in the capacity of CNAs approval.

In the above certification field, the agency shall immediately recover and destroy all documents with approval mark such as the certificate with CNAs approval mark issued, otherwise it will bear the relevant responsibilities arising therefrom.


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