Export of home appliances to the United States to handle FCC certification

With the improvement of our living standard, the types of household appliances are increasing. The export of household appliances to different regions has relevant regulations. It is necessary to do compulsory FCC certification when exporting to the United States. So how to handle the FCC certification of household appliances products?

China is the world’s largest household appliance manufacturer. Home appliance brands such as Meizhi, Gree, Haier, Kangjia have global influence. There are various kinds of household appliances products, including traditional three TV sets, refrigerators and washing machines, as well as new products such as new and precious intelligent TV, sweeper, dehumidifier, air purifier and water purifier.

The certification of home appliances export to the United States includes FCC certification and energy efficiency certification, among which FCC certification is mandatory certification, and ordinary household appliances products need to be FCC SDoC, and the standard is FCC part 15b; products with wireless function need to be FCC ID, and the standard is FCC part 15C and FCC part 15E. The certification level of FCC ID is higher than SDoC, and ordinary household appliances can choose to do SDoC or FCC ID certification.

FCC ID certification must be conducted in FCC approved laboratory, and FCC ID certificate shall be provided after test report and technical data review.

FCC certification process of home appliances

1. fill in the application

2. the laboratory sends a charge notice to the applicant, and the applicant shall pay the certification fee according to the charge notice.

3. the laboratory shall conduct product test and review the technical documents.

4. technical documents review includes:

a. Whether the documents are perfect.

b. Whether the documents are written in the European Community Language (English, German or French).

5. if the technical documents are incomplete or the prescribed language is not used, the laboratory will inform the applicant to improve.

6. if the test is unqualified, the laboratory will inform the applicant in time to allow the applicant to improve the product. In this case, until the test is qualified, the applicant shall change the technical data in the original application so as to reflect the actual situation after the change.

7. for the rectification costs involved in Articles 9 and 10, the laboratory will send the applicant a supplementary charge notice.

8. the applicant shall pay the rectification fee according to the supplementary charge notice.

9. the laboratory provides the applicant with test report or technical documents (TCF) and FCC mark.

Generally, FCC certification processing cycle of general appliances is 7 working days.


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