IEC standards and testing

When an applicant with legal person status prepares to sell his products to the world market, he should make them conform to the IEC standards adopted in the CB system at the stage of product development and design, and at the same time consider the differences of IEC standards of CB member countries. Before submitting the application and samples, confirm that the products meet the differences between IEC safety standards and relevant national standards of exporting countries, and arrange the corresponding difference test.

For the components tested with the whole machine, the test report shall be attached to the whole machine report. For the components tested or certified separately, the applicant shall provide the part of the test report that can show the detailed information of product specifications, applicable standards and / or the copy of certification certificate.

If the data clearly shows that the component has been tested in accordance with IEC standard or the standard coordinated with IEC, it will be approved. If the applicant cannot provide the relevant part of the test report and / or certification certificate, it will not be approved

CB certification

CB certification test application

When applying for CB test certificate, attention should be paid to:

1. Apply for national difference test: when applying, state the country / region to be exported to CQC and CBTL, so that the certification authority can help understand the national standard difference and arrange the difference test in time.

2. When applying for CB test certificate, several factory sites of the product can be covered at the same time.

3. A CB certificate can only correspond to one brand.

4. Certification requirements for key parts.

Electrical products tested by CB certification standards and specifications

1. Household appliances: IEC 60335

2. Lighting: IEC 60598, etc

3. Transformer: IEC 61558, etc

4. Electrical hand tools: IEC 60745, IEC 61029, etc

5. IT system: IEC 60950

6. Audio and video equipment: IEC 60065

7. Measuring instruments: IEC 61010, etc

8. Electrical medical equipment: IEC 60601-1, etc

9. Electromagnetic compatibility: cispr14-1, etc


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