COC certification bodies, formal institutions established for many years preferred partner, Borui testing and reporting Co., Ltd. is a good choice for customers. Certified products will be recognized by customers, won the trust of consumers, greatly improved the visibility of the company and products, and successfully stand out in the market with its good reputation and operation status.

SASO certification process in Saudi Arabia: 1. Please submit the following documents for quality document audit: test report (issued by a qualified third party laboratory), or manufacturer / factory quality system certification certificate and internal test report / quality certificate. 2. Pre shipment inspection: please submit the following application documents: request for Certificate / RFC declaration of conformity Please make sure to use your company’s official title, and sign and seal. Scope of inspection: in order to ensure that the goods meet the requirements of relevant marks and shipping marks beyond the inspection, the following items shall be inspected at the inspection site, and the surface quality, quantity, packing marks and shipping marks of the goods shall be visually inspected Certification: if the inspection results are satisfactory and the certification documents are complete, the draft certificate will be issued within 2-3 working days. After the draft certificate is confirmed by the customer, the original certificate will be issued and mailed to the domestic customer within 1-2 working days.

Shenzhen COC certification body recommends COC handling to your satisfaction. With a scientific, fair, standardized, rigorous and dedicated working attitude, Borui Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. has provided many well-known organizations with high-quality certification services and value-added services. It has undertaken the research and development of a number of national certification topics, won good praise and won wide praise from all walks of life. It is committed to promoting the standardization, standardization and specialization of certification. In the future, we will continue to provide more efficient certification services for our customers. Let’s make our own contribution to China’s certification industry


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