With the development of breeding industry, there are more and more food safety problems related to feed industry. Such as the abuse of antibiotics, clenbuterol, Sudan red and melamine. People pay more and more attention to the control of feed industry in the early stage of food chain. GMP + certification of feed industry has been highly valued by the United States, the European Union and other developed countries and regions. Some well-known companies in China have joined the ranks of GMP + certification in feed industry. GMP + certification of feed industry has become a favorable tool for enterprises to standardize production / operation, prove ability and improve public confidence.

The GMP + certification of normtci will help you enter the international feed market smoothly.

GMP + certification process

1. Fill in the application form and enterprise information questionnaire; submit the copies of business license, organization code certificate and other necessary qualification certificates such as license; submit the required management documents, enterprise plant plan and plan;

2. Sign certification contract;

3. Implement the first stage audit, namely site assessment and document audit;

4. Implement the second stage audit after the problems are improved (if any);

5. Supervision and audit;

6. Reexamination (the certificate is valid for 3 years).


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