The testing and evaluation services of borri include the following international standards: GB, can, BS, uni, NT, en, ISO, ASTM, CgSB, NFPA; industry standards: MVSS, FAA far, CFR, IMO; enterprise standards such as Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing standards, etc.

Din 4102-1: fire resistance of building materials and components Part 1: classification of requirements and tests for building materials

Din4102-1 grade requirements

A1 nonflammable material

As per A2

Non combustible test according to standard

Test the total calorific value of combustion according to the standard

Combustion smoke generation test

A2 nonflammable material

Test according to DIN 4102-16

Non combustible test or total combustion calorific value test according to the standard

Combustion smoke generation test

B1 refractory material

Test in accordance with B2

The remaining sample length is greater than 15cm

Temperature not more than 200 degrees

B2 combustible materials

Flame extends to marking line after 20s

The paper didn’t burn

The drop burns within 2S

B3 flammable materials

Not in accordance with B2

Furniture and household goods

British furniture regulations 1988

California technical bulletin TB117, tb129, tb133

Us mattress regulations 16CFR 1633

American hazardous products code, textile flame retardant act, act – Flame Retardant tests for children’s pajamas, clothing, toys, etc

Outdoor products

Camping tent, large tent-bs 5438, bs5576, cpai-84

Sleeping bag-cpai-75, ASTM F1955

Personal protective equipment


FMVSS 302,ISO 9705

BS 6853,DIN 5510,NF F16-101

FAR 25.853

Combustion performance analysis

Analysis of smoke production performance

Analysis of smoke toxicity

Heat release analysis

Construction products / materials

European system: en 13501 et al

National standard: GB 8624, etc

North American Series: ASTM E162, ASTM E84, etc

Electronic & electrical products (E & E)

Wires, cables

Household Electric Appliances

Hazardous material assessment

Ignition temperature of solid / liquid

Combustion analysis of chemical substances

Evaluation of material combustion parameters


Textiles, fabrics





Sand, glass, etc


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