1、 Why do electronic products need 3C certification

During this period, the AQSIQ issued the catalogue of the first batch of compulsory certification products (No. 132 in December 2001) In other words, most of the electronic products fall within the scope of 3C certification products, so it is necessary to do 3C certification.

According to the “rules for the treatment of compulsory certification”, as of May 1, 2003, the products listed in the catalogue that have not obtained the compulsory product certification certificate and have not been marked with China compulsory certification shall not leave the factory, import or sell.

2、 Which products need 3C certification

According to the relevant documents and rules of national compulsory product certification, 132 kinds of products in 19 categories listed in the first batch of 3C certification catalogue can not be sold, imported or used in business activities without 3C certification since May 1, 2003.

3、 3C certification process of electronic products

Step 1: Certification Application

Step 2: type test (sample test)

Step 3: evaluation and approval of certification results (review and certification)

Step 4: check the factory for the first time within 3 months after obtaining the certificate. It should be noted that there is a supervision inspection (annual inspection) once a year after 3C obtaining the certificate. It is a result of long-time work to maintain the 3C certificate.

4、 Testing requirements for 3C certification of electronic products

1. Audio and video equipment: gb8898-2011 safety requirements for audio, video and similar electronic equipment

GB 17625.1-2012 electromagnetic compatibility limits harmonic current emission limits (equipment input current ≤ 16A per phase)

GB / t13837-2012 limits and measurement methods for radio disturbance characteristics of sound and television broadcasting receivers and related equipment

2. Information technology equipment: gb4943.1-2011 safety of information technology equipment Part 1: General requirements

GB 17625.1-2012 electromagnetic compatibility limits harmonic current emission limits (equipment input current ≤ 16A per phase)

GB / t9254-2008 “limits and methods of measurement for radio disturbance of information technology equipment”

5、 How to choose 3C certification agency

For the first time, the company handling 3C certification must pay attention to it, and find a professional 3C certification agency to handle it, because the 3C certification process is relatively complex (involving application, testing, factory inspection and other links), involves many administrative units (the application should be applied to the CQC headquarters in Beijing, the testing is carried out in the local laboratory, and the factory inspection needs to contact the local CQC sub center), and has many document requirements (application and inspection) More than 20 professional documents need to be submitted for testing, and more than 80 documents need to be submitted for factory inspection). To sum up, it is difficult for 3C certification agency to do without high professional knowledge and coordination resources.

Advantages of Borui 3C certification service:

1. Borui laboratory is a laboratory authorized by EU NB organization. It has a standard 9 m × 6 m × 6 m semi anechoic chamber and a complete radiation disturbance and radiation immunity test system;

2. Technical support from professional test engineer, providing product test rectification service;

3. 3C certification free of all service fees, including rectification, low-cost 3C certification services.

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