The full name of VDE is prufstelle testing and Certification Institute, which means the German Association of electrical engineers. Founded in 1920, it is one of the most experienced testing certification and inspection institutions in Europe, and is a member of CE bulletin body and international CB organization authorized by the European Union. In Europe and internationally, it has been recognized by CENELEC European certification system, European coordination system for CECC electronic component quality assessment, international IEC electrical products and electronic component certification system. The products evaluated include household and commercial electrical appliances, it equipment, industrial and medical technology equipment, assembly materials, electronic components, wires and cables, etc.

VDE certification testing area

There are seven main aspects in the field of VDE testing:

Electric and electric appliances

Data processing and medical equipment

Lamps and electronic products

Cables and insulation materials

Installation equipment and control devices

Electronic parts

EMC testing

Data to be submitted for VDE certification

1. product description

2. description of model difference

3. circuit diagram

4. German manual

5. list of parts and materials

6.cb test report

7. other materials required

VDE certification application details

1 first consultation – the applicant provides the company with company’s enterprise profile and current status description of the products to be certified, such as product model, name, part list, drawing, working principle diagram, technical parameter table, operation description, etc.

2. Establish agency relationship – the principal (applicant) signs an agency agreement with the agent, further clarifies the responsibilities, powers and obligations of both parties in the form of written contract, so as to ensure that both parties can cooperate closely in the application process, so as to make the application work smoothly and achieve the expected purpose. At the same time, the proxy letter is the legal basis for the company to submit to VDE to prove that it is entrusted by the applicant.

3 formal application form and structure parameter form – an important document for applying for VDE. The applicant can provide relevant information and entrust the company to complete the application for translation, and send it back to VDE after being signed by the applicant.

4 Application confirmation – VDE shall formally confirm the application in writing within 2-4 weeks after receiving the formal application form and structure parameter form, and send invoice, factory inspection questionnaire and other information.

5 sample delivery – when VDE application is confirmed, it will inform specific sample delivery requirements and relevant standards on which the test is based. The company can assist applicants in obtaining relevant standards, clearing all relevant test items, test methods, etc. After the completion of the sample, the samples must be self tested according to the standard requirements or sent to the relevant domestic laboratory for prediction. Only after the forecast is qualified can the samples be sent to VDE for testing safely and accurately by express mail.

1) Once the test items are all passed, the applicant will be informed of the test items in time.

2) Inspection results may also be defective. Some light defects, communicate with VDE, as long as a little correction, do not have to re send samples, VDE can issue license.

3) When there are important defects in the test results, the company will discuss the reasons for the failure with the applicant. VDE is required to send back the sample of the test failure for reference analysis. After the sample is modified and perfected, the company shall go through the re inspection procedures and send the samples again until they are qualified. If the sample is re delivered within six months, the cost of retesting will be much cheaper.

6 factory inspection – Factory review before issuing certificate and supervision review after certificate or irregular inspection. Before the factory review, borri testing technology assisted the manufacturer to conduct self inspection on production facilities, experimental equipment, measurement and the whole quality system against VDE requirements. If the inspection personnel put forward the rectification requirements, assist the manufacturer to discuss the rectification measures as soon as possible and implement them quickly until the re inspection is qualified.

7. Certificate issuing – on the premise of the successful passing of factory inspection, if the sample test is qualified, VDE will inform borri testing technology of the results in time, and the VDE certificate will be issued soon.


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