Conformity test and certification of photovoltaic module products

Borri testing can provide comprehensive services to meet the requirements of compliance testing and certification of all your PV module products.

Berry testing can help you simplify your work and improve efficiency, make your products reach customers faster and make your competitors look down. Berry testing can provide the required tests according to the safety standards, help you obtain more than 40 global certification, and successfully enter the international market.


IECEE is a global plan of IEC to promote mutual recognition of test reports and certificates among different countries, regions, laboratories and certification agencies.

ETL ( Electrical Testing Laboratories)

ETL started in 1896 by Edison in the United States bulb testing Bureau, more than 100 years has become a global reputation for safety certification mark. ETL laboratory is one of the only two national recognized laboratories (NRTL) in the United States that can test photovoltaic modules according to UL1703. Through rapid cycle and innovative solutions, PV manufacturers can help PV manufacturers to enter European and North American markets more quickly and smoothly with unprecedented cost efficiency.

Global photovoltaic approval program (PV gap)

PV gap quality mark and PV gap quality seal are the marks for PV products parts and photovoltaic systems to meet the global quality requirements of photovoltaic products. PV product manufacturers may apply for the use of the PV gap logo after obtaining CB reports. PV gap mark is the global quality mark of photovoltaic products. Photovoltaic products with PV gap logo can be widely accepted and recognized in IECEE member countries.

California Energy Commission (CEC)

Only photovoltaic products accepted by CEC can be supported by government subsidy projects in California. CEC test requires photovoltaic modules to obtain the safety test report of NRTL approved by the U.S. government, and conduct part of iec61215/61646 test projects.

British MCS certification scheme

MCS certification is the certification mark of British solar products. Only the photovoltaic products certified by MCS can obtain the support of government subsidy projects in the UK.

Golden sun certification

“Golden sun” is a certification mark of China’s solar products, and is widely recognized by the government, industry and market in the field of photovoltaic. PV manufacturers can obtain the “golden sun” certification mark in China through the test of normaltci normo testing laboratory.

JET certification

JET certification is the highest level of recognition of photovoltaic module product certification in Japan, widely accepted in Japan, and is a certification mark designated by large and key projects in Japan. Normaltci Nomo testing laboratory can provide PV manufacturers with localized testing and certification services to the Japanese market.

Multinational market entry (GMap)

In addition to helping your products enter the mainstream European and American markets, normaltci normo detection also provides a complete multinational certification service to help your products enter many countries with different requirements at one time, and to develop a wider international market for your products.

PV component system balance

The balance component technology detected by normaltci normo can differentiate your PV products and increase your profitability in challenging markets.

The proportion of balanced component cost to the total cost of the system is rising, which will exceed half of the total cost of the system. Normaltci normo detection provides you with a complete set of services to maximize the profitability of your project and compensate for the cost of these system balancing components (BOS).

Our global expert network is at the forefront of BOS technology, and will help you simplify your project with our comprehensive service supply. We help you achieve the results you are looking for through our unique accuracy and information. Our BOS technology provides the innovative solutions you are looking for to enable your project to run smoothly, faster and more profitable than ever.

Main coverage products

Photovoltaic support and installation system

Special junction box and connector for photovoltaic module (including single pole and multipole)

Photovoltaic module cable

Photovoltaic harness

Photovoltaic tracking system

Main test standards of photovoltaic modules:



Standard description


EN 50548

Junction box structure and test requirements for photovoltaic modules


EN 50521

Connector structure and test requirements for photovoltaic modules


EN 1991 & EN 1993

Structure and test requirements of photovoltaic support and installation system



Test requirements for photovoltaic cables


UL 3730

Junction box structure and test requirements for photovoltaic modules


UL 6703 & UL 6703A

Connector structure and test requirements for photovoltaic modules


UL 3703

Structure and test requirements of photovoltaic tracking system


UL 4703 % UL 854

Test requirements for photovoltaic cables


UL 9703

Structure and test requirements of photovoltaic harness


UL 2703

Structure and test requirements of photovoltaic support and installation system


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