Toys are a necessity of childhood, no matter boys or girls don’t like toys. There are many kinds of toys sold in the market, and the main popular among parents are plush toys and plastic toys. The most popular toys purchased are doll, bear, toy car, remote control aircraft, etc. Children have a toy they like in childhood, which is also helpful for the healthy growth of children. Many parents and friends will meet their children’s wishes and buy a popular toy for their children. The toys with better sales are plastic toys, but a lot of plastic toys contain a lot of plasticizers. Today we will come to see the plastic toys together How does plasticizer of carry out toy test?

What is the plasticizer in plastic toys? How to test toys with plasticizer?

Phthalate plasticizers are mainly used in PVC materials, which can make PVC materials from hard plastic to flexible soft plastic, which plays the role of plasticizer. It is widely used in medical blood bags, rubber tubes, toys, food contact materials and other products.

What are the common plasticizers in toy testing?

Due to the harm of phthalate, six kinds of phthalates (DBP, BBP, DEHP, DnOP, DINP and DIDP) have been limited in the newly revised national standard for toy safety gb6675-2014 toy safety. The limit value is the same as the current EU regulations.

What is the method of Testing Plasticizer for toy detection?

At present, the standard gb/t22048-2008 “determination of phthalate plasticizers in PVC plastics for toys and children’s products” is recommended for the testing of phthalate plasticizers in toys and children’s articles. During the detection, the samples were cut and put into the cable extractor and then extracted by dichloromethane. The extraction solution was purified by solid phase extraction column after concentration by rotary evaporation instrument, and GC-MS was used for determination after constant volume. The retention time and mass spectrometry were used to determine whether the phthalate was contained by the consistency of the ion abundance ratio and the standard product in the mass spectrum. The quantitative method was carried out by external or internal standard method.

Plasticizer is widely used in toy manufacturing. In the process of toy testing, the detection of plasticizer must be focused on detection. Plasticizer has great harm to human body. Children are in the golden stage of body growth and development. Plasticizer has adverse effects on carcinogenesis and mutation, and will also cause reproductive toxicity to children. Parents and friends must recognize brand toys when buying toys for children, so as to ensure the safety of toys. In addition, when buying plastic toys, you should smell whether the toys have a strong plastic flavor. If the plastic taste is heavy, do not buy them.


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