1.What is PSE Certification in Japan

PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance &Materials) certification (” Suitability Inspection “in Japanese) is a mandatory market access system for Electrical appliances in Japan, and an important content stipulated in The Electrical Appliance Safety Law of Japan. The electrical supplies are divided into “specific electrical supplies” and “non-specific electrical supplies”. “Specific electrical supplies” contains 116 products; “Non-specific Electrical Products” includes 341 products,technical requirements include EMC and safety.
The former nameplate affixed with diamond PSE logo, the latter nameplate affixed with circular PSE logo, PSE certification fees are different for different categories of products. All products in the catalogue of “specific electrical supplies”, entering the Japanese market, must pass the certification of the third party certification body authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, obtain certification certificate, and paste the diamond PSE logo on the nameplate.
As for the products in the category of “non-specific electrical products”, entering the Japanese market, they must be confirmed to meet the technical standards of Japanese electrical products by means of self-testing and self-declaration, and the circular PSE symbol shall be affixed to the nameplate.

2.Diamond PSE certification and round PSE certification

Japan “electrical supplies safety law” provides 498 kinds of products to enter the Japanese market must pass safety certification. Of these, 165 Category A products should carry the diamond-shaped PSE logo, and 333 Category B products should carry the circular PSE logo.

PSE Certification Fee

Due to the different testing requirements of different products, the test costs involved are also different. PSE certification fee is not a fixed fee, which needs to be evaluated according to the products. PSE certification fee is also different for different products.

Round PSE includes test fee and certification fee, without factory inspection, and the cost is relatively low. For example, PSE certification fee for ordinary humidifier is about 800USD, and the cycle is 2 weeks. The test of electric water heater requires more and costs more. The PSE certification cost is about 1270USD and the cycle is about 3 weeks.

Diamond PSE has more factory inspection links, diamond PSE certification fees include test fees, certification fees, factory inspection fees. Take the most common power products encountered at present for example, PSE diamond costs are as follows: for example, PSE certification costs for power adapter are about 25000 yuan, and the cycle is 6-8 weeks; The PSE certification cost of switching power supply is about 28000 yuan, and the cycle is 6-8 weeks.

3. PSE Certification process in Japan

(1) The applicant shall provide samples and application documents;

(2) Sample test;

(3) The applicant shall confirm the draft report;

(4) Issue test reports;

4. Materials required for PSE certification

(1) Application form

(2) CB report (including Difference test in Japan)

(3) Layout

(4) PCB design drawing related to safety regulations

(5) List of key components and their certificates

(6) Use manual or assembly manual in Japanese

(7) Nameplates and warning signs in Japanese (including PSE sign and supplier name notification)

(8) Factory production list and calibration certificate (for factory inspection)

Five·THE advantages of PSE certification:

1, Japan PSE specific electrical products certification and Japan PSE non-specific electrical products certification of the corresponding standard (J standard) to obtain CNAS and CMA certification

2. The first PSE certified testing laboratory in China recognized by Japan

3. The Japanese certification body JQA authorized laboratory

4. The number of PSE test reports ranks first among domestic testing institutions

5. DOMESTIC PSE certification testing authorized a wide range of testing institutions

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