Applicable products


No. HS Code customs code Product Chinese Name
1.1 84145100 Domestic Electrical Fans Household electric fan
1.2 84181000 Refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment Refrigerators, freezers and other freezing or refrigeration equipment
1.3 84211200 Centrifugal clothes dryers and Clothes washing machines, including machines which both wash and dry Centrifugal dryers and washing machines, including equipment with washing and drying functions
1.4 85094000 Food grinders and mixers, fruit or vegetable juice extractors Food grinders and blenders, fruit or vegetable juicers
1.5 85167200 Toasters oven
1.6 85163100 Electro-thermic hair-dressing apparatus and hand dryers Electric hairdressing appliances and hair dryers
1.7 85162910 Domestic electric heating apparatus Household electric heating appliances  ( not needed for electric kettles below 10L  )
1.8 85165000 Microwave ovens Microwave oven
1.9 85166000 Other ovens; cookers cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters Other stoves, cookware, cooking plates, electric wire stoves, grills, ovens
1.10 85161000 Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters Instant or storage water heaters and immersion water heaters
1.11 85164000 Electric smoothing irons Electric iron
1.12 85444220 Plugs, socket outlets, adaptors, cord extension sets and chargers Plugs, sockets, power adapters, power extension cords and chargers
1.13 84151000 Air-conditioners air conditioning
1.14 9503 Electrical and Non-Electrical toys Electric and non-electric toys


Introduction to testing


According to BD-142004-01 (Gulf Technical Regulation for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances G-Mark Regulation) and BD131704-01 (GCC Technical Regulation on Children Toys), G-mark regulation has been enforced from Apr 1, 2018 for Low Voltage Electrical Products and Children toys Exported to the GCC countries (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates). Shipments of Electrical products to the GCC covered under the scope of Gulf Technical Regulation for Low Voltage Electrical Appliances and Children toys should comply with the ‘G-Mark’ Regulation from this date onwards.

According to Gulf Technical Regulations BD-142004-01 and BD131704-01, from 2018 Nian 4 Yue 1 date , included in the catalog of technical regulations and low voltage electrical products and toys must obtain a G-Mark certification before being exported to seven Gulf countries ( Bahrain , Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, UAE ) .


Test standard


2.1 Application Documents Application Documents 2.2 Technical Documents Technical documents
2.1.1 Commercial Registration Certificate of Importer (CR)

Importer Business Registration Certificate

2.2.1 Valid test report issued by an accredited lab to ISO/IEC 17025 with latest standard and no more than 3 years

A valid test report issued by an ISO/IEC17025 accredited laboratory using the latest standards and not exceeding 3 years

2.1.2 Business License of Manufacturer

Manufacturer’s business license

2.2.2 Accreditation certificate and approved scope of the issuing lab

Issuing the accreditation certificate of the reporting laboratory and its scope of approval

2.1.3 ISO9001 Certificate of Manufacturer

Manufacturer ISO9001 certificate

2.2.3 For electrical products, LVD test report and EMC test report are required

For electrical products, LVD and EMC test reports are required

2.1.4 Application Form – Gulf Examination Type Certificate

Gulf Form Permit Application Form

2.2.4 For electrical toys, EN71 series test report and IEC62115 test report are required. For non-electrical toys, EN71 is required.

For electric toys, need to provide EN71 series and IEC62115 test report ;  for non-electric toys ,  the need to provide EN71 series of test report (plus plastic collar benzene test)

2.1.5 Manufacturer Declaration of Conformity

Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity

2.2.5 Product photo and assembly photo

The physical picture and assembly picture of the applied product model

2.1.6 Manufacturer Declaration for Notified Body

Manufacturer’s announcement body statement

2.2.6 Electronic rating label or photo of physical label with the name and address of importer and manufacturer

Electronic nameplate or physical label map with the name and address of the importer and manufacturer

2.1.7 Manufacturer Risk Assessment for G-Marking

Manufacturer G-Marking Risk Assessment Form

2.2.7 Clear photo of package with the name and address of importer and manufacturer

Package picture with name and address of importer and manufacturer

2.1.8 Product Identity Declaration if the applied brand name and/or model number is different than that of test report

If the applied brand model is inconsistent with the test report, a product conformity statement is required

2.2.8 Instruction Manual in Arabic and English

Arabic and English instructions


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Testing Services

  • Safety inspection
  • Battery product testing
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test
  • Chemical testing
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  • Air cargo lithium battery testing
  • Energy efficiency testing
  • Inspection report

Certification Services

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  • Australian certification