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Standards for inspection: standards can be enforced or recommended; they can be national standards, industry standards, local standards, enterprise standards or product technical conditions. The general supervision and spot check are mostly based on the national compulsory standards and some industry standards. The entrusted inspection can use the above standards or enterprise standards. For some newly developed products, the “product technical conditions” can be used for testing. For customized products for export, the testing can also be carried out according to the technical requirements specified in the contract.


Introduction to testing


The quality inspection report is a written report reflecting the product quality after the product quality is tested and analyzed according to the requirements of standardization. It is the result of quality inspection and the carrier of quality information feedback. In economic activities, it has become the management means to control the quality, the basis to maintain the normal social economic order, the legitimate rights and interests of users and the implementation of arbitration.


Test standard

At present, the major shopping malls, online shopping malls and exclusive stores have put forward higher requirements for product testing and certification. Entering tmall requires a series of products to pass the quality testing required by the national standard. In fact, whether you enter tmall mall or enter other shopping malls, you need to submit the product quality testing report, and this report is mainly based on your own production experience It is necessary to test the products. The testing requirements of each product are different, so you can apply according to the testing requirements of the third party quality inspection report provided by tmall mall.

Quality inspection report shall be provided for the following products, and the requirements for necessary test items are as follows:

1. Clothing testing requirements: Men’s and women’s clothing / bra / body shaping clothing / children’s clothing / maternity clothing / Socks: composition content, complete set of gb18401, identification mark.

2. Footwear testing requirements: Men’s and women’s shoes / sports shoes / children’s shoes: physical and mechanical properties, identification marks, appearance quality;

3. Leather goods and bags are tested according to the following standards:

1) Quality inspection report requirements of trolley case (including hard case and soft case)

Hard box inspection must include appearance quality, specification, identification and physical and mechanical properties;

2) Soft box quality inspection report requirements: appearance quality, specification, identification mark (material identification), physical and mechanical properties, etc;

3) Quality inspection requirements (including physical performance identification, material identification, etc.);

4) Quality inspection report requirements of ticket holder: the required items include identification mark, material identification, appearance quality and sewing requirements, physical and mechanical properties, etc.

4. 3C digital product testing requirements

1) Vehicle charger testing requirements: product identification, drop test, low temperature test, high temperature test;

2) Power adapter: marking and description, electrical strength;

3) Lithium battery: discharge performance, free drop, overcharge protection, short circuit test;

4) Mobile power supply: marking and description inspection, drop test, discharge performance;

5) Webcam: marking and instruction checking, etc

5. Testing requirements for sporting goods

1) Sports helmet: structure, shell, buffer layer, comfort pad, helmet quality, wearing device, logo, etc;

2) Badminton racket: total length, chord surface length, chord surface width, racket mass, balance point length, etc;

3) Badminton: ball head diameter, ball head height, wool piece insertion length, line distance, quality, appearance, wool piece quantity, etc;

4) Basketball, volleyball: appearance quality, quality, circumference, circumference difference, roundness, rebound height, air tightness;

5) Tennis racket: racket total length, width, chord surface length, chord surface width, racket mass, balance point length;



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